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This dataset includes a compilation of estimated tropical cyclones windspeed (Saffir-Simpson categories) buffers 1969-2009. It is based on two sources: 1) IBTrACS v02r01 (1969 - 2008, http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/ibtracs/), year 2009 completed by online data from JMA, JTWC, UNISYS, Meteo France and data sent by Alan Sharp from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology . 2) A GIS modeling based on an initial equation from Greg Holland, which was further modified to take into consideration the movement of the cyclones through time. This product was designed by UNEP/GRID-Europe for the Global Assessment Report on Risk Reduction (GAR). It was modeled using global data. Credit: Raw data: IBTrACS, compilation and GIS processing UNEP/GRID-Europe. Attributes descriptions: EV_ID: Event ID ISO3YEAR: Country and year ISO3: Country ISO3 ID_NAT: Event ID and ISO3 ID_CAT: Main event name when available YEAR: Year START_DATE: Year, Month and Day (YYYYMMDD) END_DATE: Year, Month and Day (YYYYMMDD) DURATION: Duration of the polygon-event (hours) SS_CAT: Saffir-Simpson category SUM_WS_KM: Sum of wind (kilometer) SUM_PDI: Power Dissipation Index (miles3/h3) SUM_PDR: PDI x cyclone size (miles4/h3) AREA_EXT: Surface of the polygon-event (km2) POPURB_07: Exposed urban population 2007 POPRUR_07: Exposed rural population 2007 POPTOT_07: Exposed population 2007 CROPS_EXP: Surface of crops in the polygon-event (km2) GDPTOT_07: Exposed GDP 2007 (x 0.1 constant 2000 USD) SEASON: Cyclonic season OTHER_NAME: Other name when available SERIAL_NUM: IBTrACS serial number when available Full dataset available at http://preview.grid.unep.ch